vROps 8.2 – Get Metrics/Properties sorted

Sometimes it is easier to identify which kind of metrics/properties are provided with a vROps Version or/and Management Packs if you have a list where you can just use filter to find something instead of “clicking” through all Objecttypes. 😉

Here we go! I’ve created an Excel export based on vROps 8.2 with following additional Adapter enabled/configured/installed which are included in this Excel File:

  • vSphere Adapter
  • vIDM Adapter 1.1
  • Horion Adapter 6.7
  • NSX-V 3.6
  • SDDC Management Pack 8.1
  • In vROps Version integrated and Activated:
    • NSX-T 8.2, LogInsight, vSAN, vRA, Ping Adapter, OS / Remote Monitoring

Have fun! 😉

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